Tampa Bay Hawks

Tampa Bay

Tryouts: April 14, 2024 | 11:30am - 2:30pm

Team Combine & Supplemental Tryout: April 21, 2024 | 11:30am - 2:30pm

Sharp. Swift. Precise.

Teams Offered: U10 - High School

  • U10 (2032/33)
  • U12 (2031/30)
  • 14U (2029/28)
  • HS 2027, 2026 & 2025

Practices are held at Tampa Prep.

The Hawks are based in Tampa Bay, FL. Long-time NCAA Division I and MLL coach Chris Burdick serves as the regional director.

Interested in a FLC State Team? Learn more about State Teams here.

Tournament & Practice Schedule

Youth TryoutsApril 1411:30am-1pm
High School TryoutsApril 141pm-2:30pm
Youth Combine & Supplemental TryoutsApril 2111:30am-2:30pm
HS Combine & Supplemental TryoutsApril 2111:30am-2:30pm

EventDateLocationEvent Page
Summer FaceoffJune 1-2 Orlando, FLLearn More
Florida Summer ChallengeJune 8-9Parkland, FLLearn More
Summer ClassicJune 15-16Plant City, FLLearn More

** Practices may start at 7pm

Tryouts: April 1411:30am-1pmTampa Prep
Combine & Supplemental Tryouts: April 2111:30am-2:30pmTampa Prep
May 1**6:30pm-8:30pmTampa Prep
May 6**6:30pm-8:30pmTampa Prep
May 8**6:30pm-8:30pmTampa Prep
May 13**6:30pm-8:30pmTampa Prep
May 15**6:30pm-8:30pmTampa Prep
May 206:30pm-8:30pmTampa Prep
May 226:30pm-8:30pmTampa Prep
May 276:30pm-8:30pmTampa Prep
May 296:30pm-8:30pmTampa Prep
Jun 36:30pm-8:30pmTampa Prep
Jun 56:30pm-8:30pmTampa Prep
Jun 106:30pm-8:30pmTampa Prep
Jun 126:30pm-8:30pmTampa Prep

Tryouts: April 141pm-2:30pmTampa Prep
Combine & Supplemental Trouts: April 2111:30am-2:30pmTampa Prep
May 18pm-9:30pmTampa Prep
May 68pm-9:30pmTampa Prep
May 88pm-9:30pmTampa Prep
May 138pm-9:30pmTampa Prep
May 158pm-9:30pmTampa Prep
May 208pm-9:30pmTampa Prep
May 228pm-9:30pmTampa Prep
May 298pm-9:30pmTampa Prep
June 38pm-9:30pmTampa Prep
June 58pm-9:30pmTampa Prep
June 108pm-9:30pmTampa Prep
June 128pm-9:30pmTampa Prep

State CampJune 18-20Petersburg, FLLearn More