Swamp Dawgs

Southeast Florida

Strong. Aggressive. Fearless.

Teams Offered: High School

The Swamp Dawgs are based in Palm Beach County, FL. Mercy alumni and Boca Raton High School Lacrosse head coach Zac Pasko serves as the regional director for Boca.

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Tournament & Practice Schedule

EventDateLocationEvent Page
Sunshine State GamesMay 18-19Wellington, FLLearn More
Summer FaceoffJune 1-2Orlando, FL Learn More
SoFlo Summer ShootoutJune 8-9West Palm BeachLearn More

May 27pm-9pmWA Athletic Complex
May 77pm-9pmWA Athletic Complex
May 97pm-9pmWA Athletic Complex
May 147pm-9pmWA Athletic Complex
May 167pm-9pmWA Athletic Complex
May 217pm-9pmWA Athletic Complex
May 237pm-9pmWA Athletic Complex
May 287pm-9pmWA Athletic Complex
May 307pm-9pmWA Athletic Complex
June 47pm-9pmWA Athletic Complex
June 67pm-9pmWA Athletic Complex

State CampJune 18-20Petersburg, FLLearn More