State Teams

2028 Gold Team


Team Training Schedule

Date Session IField 1Session IIField 2
May 1111:30-1pm Dickey West 2:30-4pm Grass North 2025 Black
May 1111:30-1pm Dickey East 2:30-4pm Stadium South 2026 Black
May 1111:30-1pm Stadium North 2:30-4pm Dickey West 2025 Blue
May 1111:30-1pm Stadium South 2:30-4pm Dickey East 2026 Blue
May 1111:30-1pm Grass North 2:30-4pm Stadium North 2027 Blue
May 11 10-11:30am Grass South 1-2:30pm Stadium South 2030 Blue
May 11 10-11:30am Dickey West 1-2:30pm Dickey West 2028 Gold
May 11 10-11:30am Dickey East 1-2:30pm Dickey East 2029 Black
May 11 10-11:30am Stadium North 1-2:30pm Grass North 2029 Gold
May 11 10-11:30am Stadium South 1-2:30pm Grass South 2030 Gold

Tournament Schedule

DateEventLocationHotelsAdd. Hotels
FLC Logo smallMay 11Team TrainingBerkeley Prep
FLC Logo smallJune 18-20FLC State Training CampSt. Petersburg, FL
NXT Cup logo smallJuly 6-7NXT CupGreater Philadelphia Area
Summer Sizzle logo smallJuly 13-14 Summer SizzleBel Air, MD


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Tyler Storer

Head Coach